About us

We were looking for years for a farm. In 2010 we found this farm on an ideal place.

The history of the farm dates back to 1638 (Erve Wolf). The oldest buildings are, however, from 1924. Except the main house (from 1984) all buildings seemed destined to be demolished in the short term. However, we saw opportunities and a future for the entire farm. Because of the huge space we can increasingly fulfill our dreams.
A son lives with his family in the main house of the farm and we began with the renovating of the pigsty into our weekend stay. Then we came to the idea to do holiday apartments rentals. For our potential guests we thought about rest- and luxury seeking actively sporting senior couples.

That is why we first have renovated the so called ‘ Einliegerwohnung ‘ (apartment in the main house) ad 65 m2 into a Farm-VIP-lodge (2 persons but still room for a baby cot). In 2013 there also will be two large 6-person holiday homes (ad 140 m2) realized in the former farm. Our dream is to the old splendor and atmosphere of the Boerrigterhof . A part is already successful, the rest will come.
The serenity is amply present on our farm and calls for sporty recreation. This is supported by the entire surroundings (golf courses, cycling lanes, equestrian- and hiking trails, the rivers Vecht and Dinkel, etc). Animal lovers will get something extra (we have enough space, so you can take your dog or horse with you). But we also like to take along our golf playing guests to (unprecedented peaceful) golf courses in the immediate vicinity.
We hope to welcome you soon.

Marja Boerrigter and Jan Pieters