In the immediate vicinity of the Boerrigterhof you will find many possibilities for excursions (on foot, horseback, by bicycle or by car/motorbike). Grafschaft Bentheim is known for its hilly nature with many streams, forests and cozy villages.
Grafschaft Bentheim borders directly on the Netherlands. The regions Twente, Drenthe and Salland with places like the folkloric Ootmarsum, the amiable Hardenberg and the cities of Enschede and Emmen are within a short distance. But also the cities of Meppen, Emsland with a.o. Papenburg and Lingen, are worth a visit.

In our immediate environment the Art roads are a concept but you can also see many forms of ‘old’ and ‘new’ energy sources. Such as the last active peat fields and the nodding donkeys of the oil extraction. But also forms of ‘green’ energy sources. Like the windmills, Solar panels sit on many buildings and one sees biogas generators on some farmyards. At the Boerrigterhof we provide (soon), through solar water heaters, solar panels and the use of geothermic energy largely in our own energy needs. In addition, we provide the environmentally friendly processing of our waste water.